You asked: Which is better family man or bard of blood?

What should I watch after Bard of Blood?

Top Shows Like Bard of Blood

  • The Family Man. From the creators of Go Goa Gone, Stree, and Shor in the City this is something unbeatable. …
  • Special OPS. Special OPS is inspired by the various espionage missions that are tackled in India in the last twenty years. …
  • Hostages. …
  • Delhi Crime. …
  • The Spy. …
  • Jack Ryan. …
  • Sacred Games. …
  • SEAL Team.

Is Bard of Blood movie or series?

Bard of Blood is an Indian spy thriller streaming television series based on the 2015 espionage novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi.

Who is the traitor in Bard of Blood?

By marriage or association

“Blood traitor” Reason(s)
William Sayre Associated with Muggles.
Isobel Ross Married a Muggle, Robert McGonagall, and lost all contact with her family.

Is Bard of Blood true?

The Bard of Blood is a 2015 Indo-Pakistani fictional espionage thriller novel written by debutant author, Bilal Siddiqi. He wrote the novel at the age of 20 during his college days in Mumbai. It was published by Penguin books.

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Is there going to be a season 2 of Bard of blood?

The series Bard of Blood will be renewed for season 2 because the series is top-rated on Netflix.

What should I watch after family man?

Here we have shared the list of 7 Web Series Like The Family Man you should not miss out and must watch.

  • Kathmandu Connection.
  • London Confidential.
  • Crackdown.
  • Bard Of Blood.
  • Special Ops.
  • Abhay.
  • Spy.

Is Bard of Blood shot in Balochistan?

Bard of Blood (2019). Bard of Blood was shot for about 70 days. We shot for 22 days in Leh and Ladakh, and around 20 days in Rajasthan. … All the exterior shots of Pakistan and Balochistan were done in Leh and Ladakh.

How many seasons does bard of blood have?

Also, there’s another scene where Shehzad, who is about to be killed by Kabir, claims that he’ll be shocked once he finds out who killed Bhushan. So Vikramjeet either killed Bhushan or he simply hired someone to kill him.

What did Bards do?

bard, a poet, especially one who writes impassioned, lyrical, or epic verse. Bards were originally Celtic composers of eulogy and satire; the word came to mean more generally a tribal poet-singer gifted in composing and reciting verses on heroes and their deeds.

What is the conclusion of Bard of Blood?

Bard Of Blood Season 2: What happened in the end? By the end, Kabir successfully executed his mission of saving the Indian spies. Along with that, he exposed Tanveer Shehzad and killed Mullah Omar. It seemed a happy and patriotic ending where it was a win-win for India.

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What is the climax of Bard of Blood?

During the climax, a fancy motorcycle materialises in the middle of nowhere for Kabir to ride. Sobhita Dhulipala as Isha Khanna and Vineet Kumar Singh as Veer Singh. The makers of the show have visibly drawn from Hollywood.