Your question: Which veins drain the lumbar veins and posterior intercostal veins?

The hemiazygos vein arises from the left ascending lumbar vein. It drains the lower left posterior intercostal veins and ascends on the vertebral bodies posterolateral to the descending aorta. At T8, it crosses to the right behind the aorta, thoracic duct, and esophagus, and joins the azygos vein.

What drains the anterior intercostal veins?

The anterior intercostal veins are the veins which drain the anterior intercostal space.

Anterior intercostal veins
Drains to internal thoracic vein
Artery anterior intercostal arteries
Latin venae intercostales anteriores

What drains into posterior intercostal veins?

The posterior intercostal veins drain into the azygos vein (right side), and hemiazygos and accessory hemiazygos veins (left side). … The azygos vein then drains into the superior vena cava.

Where does the left intercostal vein drain?

The left superior intercostal vein drains the 2nd and 3rd posterior intercostal veins on the left side of the body. It usually drains into the left brachiocephalic vein.

What do the lumbar veins drain into?

The lumbar veins are four pairs of blood vessels that drain the lumbar segments of the spinal cord, posterolateral abdominal wall and lumbar structures of the back. They usually empty into the inferior vena cava, but they can also drain into the ascending lumbar, azygos, renal or other lumbar veins.

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What is posterior intercostal vein?

The posterior intercostal veins are veins that drain the intercostal spaces posteriorly. They run with their corresponding posterior intercostal artery on the underside of the rib, the vein superior to the artery. Each vein also gives off a dorsal branch that drains blood from the muscles of the back.

What is posterior intercostal arteries?

The posterior intercostal arteries are branches of the superior intercostal artery (upper two spaces) and the descending aorta (lower nine spaces). They supply the chest wall, parietal pleura, and, through their dorsal branches, the skin and muscles of the back and the spine and its contents.

What drains the first intercostal space?

The intercostal veins are a group of veins which drain the area between the ribs (“costae”), called the intercostal space.

Intercostal veins
Intercostal spaces, viewed from the left.
Drains from intercostal muscle, intercostal space
Artery intercostal arteries

What drains into the accessory Hemiazygos vein?

The accessory hemiazygos vein, also called the superior hemiazygos vein, drains the superior left hemithorax. In a majority of cases there is a small connection to the left superior intercostal vein, and rarely, 1–2% of the time, the accessory hemiazygos vein drains into the brachiocephalic vein [3].

Where do the posterior intercostal veins come from?

The posterior intercostal veins originate from the intercostal space just inferior to posterior aspects of their respective ribs. In the right side, the 4th to 11th posterior intercostal veins and subcostal vein drain into the azygos vein.

What drains into superior vena cava?

The superior vena cava (SVC) starts at the confluence of the brachiocephalic veins behind the first right costal cartilage, and ends at the level of the third right costal cartilage where it drains into the right atrium. … The first intercostal vein drains into the brachiocephalic veins on both sides.

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How many intercostal veins are there?

There are eleven pairs of posterior intercostal veins, nine pairs of anterior intercostal and one pair of subcostal veins supplying the thoracic wall. Each posterior intercostal vein forms an anastomosis with the ipsilateral anterior intercostal veins.

Which lumbar veins drain into IVC?

The third and fourth lumbar veins drain into the inferior vena cava.

Where does the ascending lumbar vein drain into?

The ascending lumbar vein is a vein that runs up through the lumbar region on the side of the vertebral column.

Ascending lumbar vein
Drains from Lateral sacral veins
Drains to Azygos vein and hemiazygos vein
Latin Vena lumbalis ascendens

Which veins drain directly into inferior vena cava?

On the right, the gonadal veins and suprarenal veins drain into the inferior vena cava directly. On the left, they drain into the renal vein which in turn drains into the inferior vena cava. By contrast, all the lumbar veins and hepatic veins usually drain directly into the inferior vena cava.