Who sang Hungry Heart?

Who did Bruce Springsteen wrote Hungry Heart for?

The problem was a damaged disk in his neck, and Springsteen had to get his throat cut open and vocal cords temporarily tied off to the side so that doctors could insert the replacement disks. He couldn’t sing for three months after the procedure. “A little nerve-racking,” Springsteen said of the surgery.

Did Springsteen write Hungry Heart for the Ramones?

But early in the interview, Springsteen revealed he originally wrote one of his most iconic songs, “Hungry Heart,” for The Ramones. … “Hungry Heart” appeared on Springsteen’s 1980 album, The River, of which he just released a reissue, and was his first single to break the Billboard 100’s top 10, peaking at No.

What year did Hungry Heart come out?

When Springsteen met Joey Ramone in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Ramone asked him to write a song for The Ramones. … Springsteen’s voice was slightly sped up on the recording, producing a higher-pitched vocal, a technique first used by Brian Wilson in the production of “Caroline, No” in 1966.

What songs did Springsteen wrote for other artists?

Songs written by Bruce and given to other artists include Because The Night (Patti Smith), Fire (Pointer Sisters) & Blinded By The Light (Manfred Mann).

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Is Springsteen ill?

Bruce is getting old, and it is a common phenomenon about losing weight after a certain age, and he is not having any illness. A few years back, he had surgery on his throat because of experiencing some chronic numbness on his left side of the throat.

What is Bruce Springsteen diet?

A leaked copy of his rider from the 2002 Rising tour shows Springsteen eating whey powder, soy milk, protein shakes and bananas, strawberries and blueberries backstage at his shows. But like he said, it’s about moderation and indulging yourself every once in a while.

Who is Bruce Springsteen’s daughter?

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Jessica Springsteen, daughter of singer Bruce, wins equestrian silver medal. Equestrian Jessica Springsteen, daughter of singers Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, earned her first Olympic medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

What does the phrase hungry heart mean?

The reference here is to Odysseus/Ulysses and his various wanderings around the Mediterranean region after the fall of Troy. I would say that the phrase “hungry heart” refers to Odysseus’ insatiable curiosity about the different peoples that he encountered.

How old is Bruce Springsteen?

The Boss is turning 72 and he’s still rocking! Born Sept. 23, 1949, Bruce Springsteen grew up in New Jersey and created rock ‘n’ roll music that has touched millions of people around the world.

How much is Bruce Springsteen worth?

Bruce Springsteen: $81 million.

Who does Bruce Springsteen sound like?

Bruce Springsteen has often been quoted as saying that it was the voice of Roy Orbison and the Phil Spector “Wall of Sound,” that inspired him the most in composing and recording the album.

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