Where does the renal artery go?

Each renal artery enters a kidney at a site called the renal hilum. This area is the entry and exit point for vessels and nerves that feed into the kidneys. From there, the artery branches into smaller blood vessels throughout the kidney.

Where does blood go after renal artery?

Once the blood has been processed here, it is sent back through the renal vein to the inferior vena cava and to the right side section of the heart.

Where does the renal artery run?

The right renal artery originates from the anterolateral aspect of the aorta and runs in an inferior course behind the inferior vena cava to reach the right kidney, while the left renal artery originates slightly higher and from a more lateral aspect of the aorta, and runs almost horizontally to the left kidney.

What is the renal artery connected to?

The renal arteries are paired arteries that supply the kidneys with blood. Each is directed across the crus of the diaphragm, so as to form nearly a right angle. The renal arteries carry a large portion of total blood flow to the kidneys.

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Renal artery
Vein Renal vein
Supplies Kidneys
Latin Arteria renalis

Where does the renal vein drain into?

The main renal veins empty into the inferior vena cava; the left renal vein is three times longer than the right (7.5 cm versus 2.5 cm).

Which artery diverges from the renal artery?

The afferent arterioles branch from the renal artery, which supplies blood to the kidneys. The afferent arterioles later diverge into the capillaries of the glomerulus.

How does blood exit the kidney?

Blood flows into your kidneys through the renal artery and exits through the renal vein. Your ureter carries urine from the kidney to your bladder.

What large vein does the renal vein drain into?

The renal veins are veins that drain the kidney. They connect the kidney to the inferior vena cava. They carry the blood filtered by the kidney.

Renal vein
Drains to inferior vena cava
Artery Renal artery
Latin venae renales

Where does blood go after Arcuate vein?

As with the arteriole distribution, the veins follow the same pattern: the interlobular provide blood to the arcuate veins then back to the interlobar veins, which come to form the renal vein exiting the kidney for transfusion for blood.


Arteries (down) Veins (up)
Glomerulus Glomerulus

What is the function of the renal artery and renal vein?

Renal Veins carry filtered blood from the kidneys to the posterior vena cava. Renal Arteries carry unfiltered blood from the aorta to the kidneys.

What happens if the renal artery is blocked?

Obstructions (blockages) in the renal arteries, known as renal artery stenoses, can cause poorly controlled high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure.

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What is the function of left renal artery?

The function of the renal artery is twofold; it supplies the kidney parenchyma with oxygenated blood, and simultaneously delivers the blood to be filtered by eliminating metabolic wastes and excess water and reabsorbing minerals and nutrients.

Renal artery.

Origin Abdominal aorta
Supply Kidney, adrenal gland

What level is the renal artery?

Arterial Supply

The renal artery originates from the aorta at the area between L1 and L2, just inferior to the origin of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA). These arteries are typically posterior to the renal veins and anterior to the renal pelvis.