Where do I build the shield in blood of the dead?

How do you build a spectral shield?

Overview. The Spectral Shield is crafted from three parts; a broken metal door, the Warden’s Key, and spectral energy. Each part (with the exception of the key) has three different spawn locations around the map.

Where are the parts for the shield in black ops 4?

The first shield part can be found in one of three locations in Docks, which is the starting spawn area. It can either spawn against a tall yellow gas pump, leaning against a capsized boat, or near a snowbank in front of the previously-mentioned boat. The second shield part will be in the area to the left of Docks.

How do you get pack a punch in dead of the night?

To unlock the Pack-a-Punch, you’ll need to locate three crystals, charge them with zombie souls, and then complete their challenges. Completing challenges will reward you with a Tuning Fork. Use the Tuning Fork on the barrier in the Forest Terrace area to clear the way and unlock the Forest.

Where are all the parts in dead of the night?

There locations are as follows:

  • Master Bedroom – Foot of bed on dresser.
  • Study – Table between two chairs.
  • Library – Desk right of statue.
  • Wine Cellar – Small table in center of room.
  • Wine Cellar – Wooden crate with candles.
  • Trophy Room – Table in front of fireplace.
  • Bedroom Hallway – Table in front of couch.
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Where’s pack-a-punch in blood of the dead?

You can find the Pack-a-Punch machine located on the roof of the prison block, and to charge it up, you want to aim the warden key and fire at the box just next to the machine. Rinse and repeat, until you’ve charged up the Pack-a-Punch machine, and it powers up, letting you supercharge your weapons for 5000 points.

How do you activate the dog in blood of the dead?

In order to feed the Cerberus heads, players must kill zombies while standing around the fiery dog. Keep killing zombies until the dog no longer eats and disappears. Once all three dogs are fed and disappear, the Hell’s Retriever will spawn.

Where does the pack-a-punch go in blood of the dead?

The Pack-a-Punch machine is located on the Roof of the prison. Travel up there with the shield, and notice the power gauge to the right of the disabled PaP machine. How To Power Up The PaP Machine: Charge the Soul Key by absorbing zombie essence with the Shield’s secondary attack until the key glows blue.