What is the meaning of to my heart’s content?

: until one feels satisfied : as long or as much as one wants They let him eat and drink to his heart’s content. Let’s go somewhere where we can talk to our hearts’ content.

What does it mean to your heart content?

phrase. If you can do something to your heart’s content, you can do it as much as you want.

How do you use heart’s content in a sentence?

She always ends up shopping to her heart’s content. I can get the gifts to my heart’s content but I really want him to like them. She kept buying jewellery to her heart’s content but her joy only lasted until her mother saw the bills. The young children played in the rain to their heart’s content.

Is it to or till your heart’s content?

The usual fixed phrase is “to your heart’s content.” If you did say “… your heart is content” I would use “until.” You can eat to your heart’s content and it’s all free.

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What are the two meanings of content?

This word has two main meanings. The first has to do with being pleased and satisfied (feeling content) or making someone else feel happy and at peace with things (contenting them). The other meaning has to do with subject matter: the content of a history class might be American history.

What does my crew mean?

Crews are usually a group of people who work together on a ship, airplane, or movie — but the word is also a slang term for a group of friends who hang out together — like a crowd or posse. Definitions of crew. an organized group of workers. synonyms: gang, work party.

What is the meaning of my heart is full?

It means that you feel very strongly to the point you feel full or even overwhelmed by a certain emotion. Your heart (you) can be full of love, hate, compassion, sadness, joy. Usually when a person uses the expression my heart is full without specifying the emotion, it typically means they feel much joy or love.

Do your heart’s content?

If you do something to your heart’s content, you do something enjoyable for as long as you want to do it: You have a whole week to yourself and you can read to your heart’s content.

Do one’s heart good meaning?

Definition of do one’s heart good

: to make one feel very happy It does his heart good to know that his daughters have become friends.

Do sth to your heart’s content?

If you can do something to your heart’s content, you can do it as much as you want. I was delighted to be able to eat my favorite dishes to my heart’s content.

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How do you use vilification in a sentence?

Vilification in a Sentence

  1. Through her malicious opinion articles, the backbiting editor is known for her vilification of people she doesn’t like.
  2. Gracie’s vilification of her mother-in-law was unwarranted, but that didn’t stop her from slandering the poor woman’s name.

Is it heart’s desire or heart’s desires?

Definition of heart’s desire

: something someone wants very much A good education had always been her heart’s desire.

What does the saying Eat your heart out mean?

phrase [VERB and NOUN inflect] People use eat your heart out with the name of a person when they are doing something that they think the person named might be jealous of. Synonyms: grieve, regret, pine, obsess More Synonyms of eat your heart out. See full dictionary entry for eat.

What is a example of content?

An example of content is how a person feels after eating the perfect meal. Content is defined as what is inside or included in something. An example of content is beans inside of a jar. An example of content is the words inside a book.

How do you explain content?

Content is the information and experiences; directed at an end-user or audience in publishing, art, and communication.

How do you use the word content?

Content sentence example

  1. I’m content to just move forward. …
  2. It will analyze and record the nutritional content of your meal. …
  3. Her stomach was content , and she hadn’t thrown up. …
  4. Arnie tripped, the content of his fist flying free over the boulders to the cliff’s edge.
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