What does I have her heart in her mouth mean?

What does it mean to have your heart in your mouth?

Definition of heart in one’s mouth

informal. : to be very excited or nervous about something anticipated He waited for her arrival with his heart in his mouth. You sure don’t seem relaxed—in fact, it seems like your heart is in your mouth.

What does put it in her mouth mean?

Definition of put words in/into someone’s mouth

: to suggest that someone said or meant something that he or she did not actually say or mean Don’t put words in my mouth. I wasn’t defending his actions, despite what you may think.

What does it mean to have your heart in it?

have (one’s) heart in (something)

To be emotionally and enthusiastically involved in something; to do or undertake something with passion and zeal.

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What is the sentence of having your heart in your throat?

It means to be nervous or frightened. I think it refers to the way people can sometimes feel tightness in the throat when they are terrified for something. To have one’s heart in one’s throat, or in one’s mouth, is often used as though it were purely some sort of figurative expression.

What is the meaning of he spoke with his heart in his mouth?

Be extremely frightened or anxious, as in When the plane was about to take off, my heart was in my mouth. This usage alludes to the heart beating so violently that it appears to leap upward. [

What is the meaning of to make clean breast of?

: to speak openly and honestly about (something that previously has been lied about or kept secret) I decided to make a clean breast of it/things and admit that I was to blame.

What does cutting the rug mean?

old-fashioned slang. : to dance in an energetic way He’s not young anymore, but he can still cut a rug on the dance floor.

What does wet behind the ears mean?

Immature, inexperienced, as in How can you take instructions from Tom? He’s still wet behind the ears, or Jane’s not dry behind the ears yet. This term alludes to the fact that the last place to dry in a newborn colt or calf is the indentation behind its ears. [

What does I got the boot mean?

phrase. If you get the boot or are given the boot, you are told that you are not wanted anymore, either in your job or by someone you are having a relationship with. [informal] She was a disruptive influence, and after a year or two she got the boot.

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Will have a special place in my heart?

If something “holds a special place” in your heart, it means that it’s very emotionally important to you. For example: Vikki will always hold a special place in my heart.

Do I still have your heart meaning?

Be Still My Heart Meaning

The phrase “be still my heart” is used by a person during conversation or speech to express that they are very overwhelmed by something that is has been said or done, typically in response to a romantic gesture.

What does my heart jumped to my throat mean?

Heart palpitations are the sensation that your heart has skipped a beat or added an extra beat. It may also feel like your heart is racing, pounding, or fluttering. You may become overly aware of your heartbeat. This sensation can be felt in the neck, throat, or chest.

What does heart in my hand mean?

To go to someone “heart in hand” means that you declare your emotions voluntarily, with the image being that of an offering to whomever you’re meeting.

What does I have a lump in my throat mean?

A LUMP IN YOUR THROAT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.