Is blood c bad?

Is Blood-C appropriate for a 13 year old?

The story is compelling, mysterious, and complex. But be forewarned: Though it’s animated, Blood+ isn’t for kids. Violent scenes go beyond a simple dead body or stabbing — be prepared for dramatic, slow-motion beheadings and gallons of red blood spurting out of amputated limbs.

Should you watch Blood-C?

Conclusion. The recommended order to watch the Blood franchise is its chronological order. All the Series are standalone, and even if you watch Blood-C before Blood+, it won’t matter. Blood+ is considered to be better in terms of story and characters, so it’s better if you watch it before Blood C.

Is Blood-C creepy?

My personal experience with Blood-C is that it shouldn’t be considered as a true horror anime. It should be placed in the category as more of a ghastly comedy than anything considering many things I’ve witnessed in the series.

What age can watch Blood-C?

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Is blood CA horror anime?

It is a horror series. It is not an action series, though the action scenes in this show are some of the most creative, well animated ones I have seen.

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What age rating is AOT?

Attack on Titan (or Aot for short) is a pg-13 rated anime in my country (last checked) known for its violence and constant gore (though not as bad as some animes I’ve watched).

Are Blood+ and Blood-C related?

Blood-C is a 2011 anime/manga series and 2012 film produced in collaboration by Studio Production I.G and manga creators CLAMP. This is Production I.G’s second anime series related to the Blood franchise, the first being Blood+, which aired in 2005–2006. … Blood-C has received mixed to positive reviews from journalists.

Who is bad in Blood-C?

Fumito Nanahara is the main antagonist of the anime series Blood-C and its sequel movie Blood-C: The Last Dark. He is also the chairman of the Seventh Heaven organization, and the cousin of the Last Dark’s secondary antagonist Kuroto Mogari.

Is there a Blood-C movie?

Blood-C: The Last Dark is a 2012 Japanese animated action horror film based on the 2011 anime series Blood-C, acting as a conclusion to the series’ storyline. … The movie also featured a character from CLAMP’s manga series xxxHolic as a cameo.

Does blood C have Gore?

Blood-C is the story of Saya, a seemingly innocent and beautiful teenage girl. … The name of this anime makes a gore-packed promise and I guarantee that Blood C does not disappoint, which is why I wanted to share with you my 5 most gore-packed battles in Blood-C!

Is there a second season of Blood C?

The movie Blood-C: The Last Dark is the sequel of the anime series Blood-C. However no announcements have been made by the production company of the franchise so far so it unlikely as of now to see a second season of the anime.

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What kind of anime is blood-C?


Blood-C key art, featuring Saya Kisaragi.
Genre Action Horror fantasy Thriller
Anime television series
Blood-C: Demonic Moonlight

What can u watch blood-C on?

Watch BLOOD-C | Netflix.