How do you spell stout hearted?

brave and resolute; dauntless.

What does it mean to have a stout heart?

Definition of stouthearted

: having a stout heart or spirit: a : courageous. b : stubborn.

What does stout girl mean?

bulky in figure; heavily built; corpulent; thickset; fat: She is getting too stout for her dresses. bold, brave, or dauntless: a stout heart; stout fellows.

What does stout mean in slang?

1 : strong of character: such as. a : brave, bold. b : firm, determined also : obstinate, uncompromising. 2 : physically or materially strong: a : sturdy, vigorous.

What does the saying faint hearted mean?

Definition of fainthearted

: lacking courage or resolution : timid. Other Words from fainthearted Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About fainthearted.

How do you use stout in a sentence?

Stout in a Sentence

  1. The mover’s sturdy and stout frame made him suitable for lifting heavy furniture.
  2. His stout body was a mixture of genetics and countless hours at the gym.
  3. Short and stout, the teen did not have the body of a runner but trained anyway.

What is Roly Poly?

: being short and pudgy : rotund. roly-poly.

Is Stout short?

Most supermodels would not want to be described as stout, which is often a nicer way of saying “fat.” But a little teapot doesn’t mind being “short and stout.” Something stout is dependable, too, like your favorite snow boots that keep your feet dry winter after winter.

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What does it mean if someone asks if you’re sturdy?

strong, stout, sturdy, stalwart, tough, tenacious mean showing power to resist or to endure.

Is stout healthy?

They can be good for your health

Dark beer is rich in flavonoids – which contain powerful antioxidants that can help protect against diseases. Stouts are also high in vitamin B, preventing the build up of certain harmful amino acids believed to cause heart problems.

What does short and stout mean?

“Short and stout” are terms that are commonly used together to describe someone or something that is shorter but firm/tough/strong. Stout has various meanings and one of them is physically strong and heavy.

What means suppliant?

1 : humbly imploring : entreating a suppliant sinner seeking forgiveness— O. J. Baab. 2 : expressing supplication upraised to the heavens …

What is hard nosed mean?

Definition of hard-nosed

1 : being tough, stubborn, or uncompromising. 2 : hardheaded sense 2, tough-minded.

What is a faint hearted person called?

synonyms: faint, fainthearted, timid cowardly, fearful. lacking courage; ignobly timid and faint-hearted.

Who said faint heart never won fair lady?

Quote by Cervantes: “Faint heart never won fair maiden”