How do I sync my Omron Blood Pressure Monitor?

Go to Profile -> Connected Devices and tap “Add new device” button to Pair the Blood Pressure Monitor and start syncing your Blood Pressure readings.

How do I reset my OMRON blood pressure monitor?

Press the START/STOP button to turn the power off, then press the SET button. Press the START/STOP button to turn the power off, then press the SET button. Continue to press the SET button until the Reset Setting Screen displays.

How do I connect my OMRON blood pressure monitor to my Android phone?

Press and hold the “connect” button on the blood pressure monitor for 2 seconds. The “P” should flash in the display of your blood pressure monitor. Press “Next” when the “P” is flashing. If your Bluetooth is on, your smartphone or tablet will now try to find the blood pressure monitor.

How do I put my Omron monitor in transfer mode?

Yes, open the Omron Connect app on your smart device and press the “Sync” button in the app to transfer your readings. If your readings have successfully transferred, “OK” will flash on the blood pressure monitor’s display.

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How do I pair my Omron Series 7?

Omron BP6350 Questions and Answers

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your smart device.
  2. Download and install the free “OMRON connect US/CAN” app onto your smart device. …
  3. Open the app on your smart device and follow the instructions.
  4. Confirm that your monitor is connected successfully.

Does Omron have an app?

Download the OMRON connect US/CAN mobile app for free on the App Store (iOS device) or Google Play Store (Android device).

How do I create a Omron connect account?

Create an Omron Account

  1. Install the Omron Connect app.
  2. Allow the app to use Bluetooth on your phone. …
  3. Press the “Create Account” button.
  4. Agree to Omron’s terms of service and privacy policy. …
  5. Enter your email address and a password that you can remember. …
  6. Enter your name, date of birth, height and sex.

How do I download data from Omron?

You need to first create a free account at After the data is wirelessly transmitted to the Omron Cloud, you can login to your Omron account via a web browser, and view graphs of your data. At, there is the option to export the data.

How do I set the date and time on my Omron Blood Pressure Monitor?

Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to adjust the date and time. The year flashes on the display. Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to advance by one year. Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to set the current year.

How do I know if my Omron Blood Pressure Monitor is working correctly?

Check for accuracy

“If the systolic blood pressure (the top number) on your cuff is within 10 points of the monitor, then it’s generally accurate,” he says. Most home blood pressure machines last for about two or three years. After that, check it at your doctor’s office annually to make sure it’s still accurate.

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Why is blood pressure lower the second time?

Diastolic pressure (the second, lower number) reflects the pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between beats. Over eight years, more than 44,000 people in the study had a heart attack or stroke.

Is Omron wellness app still available?

The free mobile app is available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone® 5/5S/5C and on Google Play for the Samsung Galaxy S®III/S®4 with Android™ Version 4.3+. You can search for the App by typing in “Omron Wellness” in the search bar.

What is Omron app?

Omron Wellness is a free application that helps you know your fitness stats, chart progress, and set goals so you can have a clearer picture of your health. OMRON Connect US/CAN/EMEA App v7.0.3. Update to OMRON Connect 7.0.3. Android Connectivity.

How do I connect Omron to Samsung health?

Steps to enable Samsung Health in the OMRON connect US/CAN/EMEA app:

  1. On the app, go to “Profile”
  2. Tap on “App settings”
  3. Under “Share data with other apps”, tap “Samsung Health”
  4. Tap “Link”
  5. Enable the categories you want to share.
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to sign in if asked.
  7. Tap “Done”