Frequent question: Who bought follow your heart?

Danone acquired plant-based pioneer Follow Your Heart, the companies announced Thursday night. The transaction was a share purchase agreement, in which the French dairy giant bought 100% of the shares of Earth Island, Follow Your Heart’s parent company.

Who is Follow Your Heart owned by?

Danone North America, the world’s largest Certified B Corporation, today announces it will acquire 100% of the shares of Earth Island, producer of Follow Your Heart, a US leader of dairy alternatives and maker of the iconic egg-free mayonnaise Vegenaise.

How much did Danone pay for Follow Your Heart?

Today, Danone announced they have entered into a purchase agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares of Earth Island®, the producers of Folllow Your Heart products.

Is Earth Island the same as Follow Your Heart?

Note – Earth Island and Follow Your Heart are the same company. In 1970, four friends got together and created the Follow Your Heart® Market and Restaurant in Canoga Park, California.

Where is Follow Your Heart from?

Follow Your Heart® was founded in sunny ’70s Southern California by four friends who believed that food should taste good and do good.

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What company owns Danone?

Danone has sold its Canadian and U.S. plant-based powder protein brand Vega to a U.S. private equity firm, VM Partners, focused on the health and wellness industry.

Did Danone buy Follow your heart?

Danone and Earth Island, maker of Follow Your Heart brands and other plant-based foods, announced that they have entered into a share purchase agreement under which Danone will acquire 100% of the shares of Earth Island.

How much is follow your heart worth?

Its products are sold in 23 countries, with a turnover of about $50 million in revenues per year.

What are Danone products?

Danone’s brand portfolio includes both international brands and local brands. In 2018, Danone’s international brands include: Activia, Actimel, Alpro, Aptamil, Danette, Danio, Dannon, Danonino, Evian, Nutricia, Nutrilon, Volvic.

What is the healthiest vegan cheese?

I’ve done the research for you so here are 9 delicious and healthy vegan cheese brands.

  • Treeline Cheese. Treeline is an environmentally conscious company that makes 100% dairy free probiotic cheeses. …
  • Dr. Cow. …
  • Miyoko’s Kitchen. …
  • Heidi Ho. …
  • Kite Hill. …
  • Punk Rawk Labs. …
  • Vtopian Artisan Cheeses. …
  • Parmela Creamery Vegan Cheese.

Are all follow your heart products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are vegan.

What is follow your heart cheese made of?

Ingredients: filtered water, coconut oil, modified potato and corn starches, potato starch, sea salt, lactic acid (plant sources), citric acid, natural flavor (plant sources), yeast extract, olive extract, annatto extract and beta carotene for color.

How healthy is Vegenaise?

Vegan mayo is generally a bit healthier than dairy-based mayo, containing less saturated fats and Vegenaise contains no cholesterol, which can’t be said in the case of an original jar of Hellman’s. That being said, like most things vegan mayo should be eaten in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

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What’s Vegenaise?

Vegenaise®, pronounced either Vegan-naise or with a soft g sound like vegetable, is a vegan spread similar in taste to mayonnaise. Mayonnaise requires eggs, so the company Follow Your Heart® created a new name for this mayonnaise substitute. … Vegenaise® is similar to mayonnaise, but does not contain eggs.

What does it mean to Follow Your Heart?

Definition of follow one’s heart

: to do what one would really love to do I decided to follow my heart and take up acting.