Frequent question: What was on heart dance yesterday?

What was played on heart yesterday?

Last Played Songs

  • I’m Outta Love Anastacia. 08:17 pm.
  • Meet Me Halfway Black Eyed Peas. 08:13 pm. …
  • Firework Katy Perry. 08:09 pm. …
  • Happy Christmas (War Is Over) John Lennon & Yoko Ono. 08:05 pm.
  • NO SCRUBS TLC. 08:03 pm.
  • Don’t Stop The Music Rihanna. 08:00 pm. …
  • Driving Home For Christmas Chris Rea. 07:51 pm.
  • Your Song Rita Ora. 07:48 pm.

How do I find a song that was played on the radio?

7 Ways to Find That Song You Just Heard

  1. Search Shazaam (it listens to and identifies songs).
  2. Use SoundHound (it can search by hearing you hum).
  3. Search the lyrics.
  4. Search the artist.
  5. Look up the radio station’s playlist.
  6. Search songs by genre and/or decade.
  7. Play similar songs on Youtube, Spotify, or Pandora.

What time does Heart Club Classics start?

On Friday and Saturday nights, Heart Dance gets the weekend in full swing as Heart’s Club Classics is simulcast on both Heart and Heart Dance, with Toby Anstis hosting every Friday from 7pm and Pandora on Saturday from 7pm.

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What songs have been played on Heart FM yesterday?

Last Played Songs

  • DJ Got Us Falling In Love Usher. 09:13 am. …
  • A Million Dreams Pink. 09:08 am. …
  • One More Sleep Leona Lewis. 09:02 am. …
  • Winter Wonderland Darlene Love. 08:55 am. …
  • By Your Side Calvin Harris Feat. Tom Grennan. …
  • Stay Another Day East 17. 08:48 am.
  • Girls Like You Maroon 5 Feat. Cardi B. …
  • Driving Home For Christmas Chris Rea.

What songs played on smooth today?

Last Played Songs

  • Happy Xmas (war Is Over) John Lennon. 02:27 am.
  • The Power Of Love Frankie Goes To Hollywood. 02:13 am.
  • Merry Christmas Darling Carpenters. 02:01 am.
  • Baker Street Gerry Rafferty. 01:04 am.
  • Walking In Memphis Mark Cohn. 11:49 pm.
  • A Spaceman Came Travelling Chris De Burgh. 10:40 pm.
  • 2000 Miles Pretenders. 10:25 pm.

What station is heart on?

The History Of Heart FM

Formed in the West Midlands and transmitting on the 100.7 FM frequency, Heart FM became the third independent radio station to provide a regional service.

What song is being played the most this week?

Most Played Songs This Week

song artist
1. Brightside Lumineers
2. Long Way Eddie Vedder
3. Quiet Town Killers
4. I Don’t Live Here Anymore War on Drugs

How do you find a song you heard in a store?

5 surefire ways to find the name of that song

  1. Shazam. What’s that song? …
  2. SoundHound. SoundHound can listen to you sing the song you want to identify. …
  3. Google Sound Search. …
  4. Like you can for everything else, just ask Siri on your iPhone or Alexa on your Amazon Echo what song is currently playing. …
  5. Genius or Google Search.
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What station is capital dance?

Capital Dance broadcasts its own breakfast and drive shows Monday to Friday, followed by an evening show Monday to Thursday. The on-air lineup is headed by DJ MistaJam, who had stepped down from his BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio 1 shows in September.

Capital Dance.


What number is capital XTRA radio?

Capital XTRA (formerly Choice FM) is a Global-owned radio station that broadcasts on 96.9 FM and 107.1 FM in Greater London. Nationally, it is heard on DAB Digital Radio, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and Global Player. It specialises in hip hop, grime and R&B music, and is a commercial competitor to BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Why is Kelly Brook not on Heart radio?

And on Friday, Kelly Brook, 41, left Heart FM in a tiered denim mini dress and furry gilet after admitting that she ‘regrets some of the things’ she included in her book, in which she divulged details about some of the worst parts of her past relationships.

How old is Pandora Christie?

The 37-year-old, originally from south east London, was abandoned by her father when she was little, leaving her mum Jay to bring up her and her older sister Abigail alone.

Who brings you the best tunes every weekday at 4 to 7pm on smooth?

Join Chris Skinner every weekday from 7pm for Smooth Sanctuary. Three hours of the most relaxing songs to help you unwind at the end of the day. Smooth Sanctuary brings you the best soothing music to ease the daily stresses that can often sneak up on us.

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